Roku Porn - Add Exxxtasy to your Roku Device!

Exxxtasy is now on Roku!

Not a member of exxxtasy? Monthly membership required for Roku access

Become A Member Of Exxxtasy

You must be a member of Exxxtasy to access our Roku Channel.
If you haven't already signed up membership at Exxxtasy, you can do so by clicking here.

If you already have an Exxxtasy membership, you may continue to step 2.

Download The Channel To Roku

To add The Exxxtasy channel to your Roku, you must click this link to add the Exxxtasy Channel. Login to your Roku account and hit 'Add Channel' then type 'Exxxtasy' to find us.

Locate the Exxxtasy Channel on your Roku

Once you find the Exxxtasy Channel on your Roku device, select the channel and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the channel.
Don't see the channel on Roku? Go to System Settings -> Update Software.

Set A Parental PIN Code Lock

Click ‘Edit Profile’ to set a PIN code that must be entered before the Exxxtasy Roku app will open!